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There’s something strange and wonderful on the concourse level of the Grace building in New York City. A door–one that looks like the door to any other office in the building. But behind it you’ll find portals that bend space and time to transport you far away from Bryant Park and the streets of the city.

Our organization has harnessed the power of these portals to explore the very fabric of reality itself. We need teams of brave explorers like you to jump through time and space, solve the mysteries of the universe and return to report your findings. Each portal can only stay open for 60 minutes at a time. So if you dare to travel through one, you’ll need to escape the room fast–or you might just get stuck there forever.

For the select few who are brave enough to weather the trials and tribulations of traveling to four distinct times and locations, a final challenge awaits…

Combine the four remnants of the artifact and enter the coordinates the combined remnants will provide into “The Beacon” the singular alien artifact that allows us to traverse space and time. If you are able to complete this task you will not only be rewarded with our eternal gratitude and praise, but you will also receive a mysterious prize which is reserved for our champions.

Our Team

  • Albert Wiley, Ph. D. Head of Demolitions
  • Hubert Farnsworth, Ph.D Resident Paradox Consultant
  • "Professler" Kessler, Ph. D Chief Educator
  • Reginald Watson-Parker, M.S. Head Intern
  • "Scrawnylegs" Casey, Ph. D. Resident Sea Captain
  • Employee TK-421 Intern
  • Julius Erving, Ph.D Team Coordinator
  • Doctor Human, Ph. D. Common Terrestrial
  • Notre Dame
    Coal Ghate, Ph. D. Head Greeter
  • Kevin McCoy, M.D. Resident Physician
  • Mad Hader, Ph. D Head of R&D
  • Lucien Sanchez, Ph. D. Chief Engineer
  • John Doe, M.S. Anonymous Researcher
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